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XModGames - это инструмент для облегчения прохождения игр. В настоящее время, XModGames представляет собой сборник плагинов для различных популярных игр. Основным плюсом является то, что мы постоянно обновляем наши плагины.

Во время пользования плагином приложение не портит ваши игровые данные!

Xmodgames-Best Free Game Assistant

★ONLY ONE Requirement: Rooted Android Devices→How To Root:

☆ For more content, please visit our official website: Outstanding Sense of Fulfilment in Game.The LITE version includes BEST mods for hottest games.

They serve to attain what players need in respect of game play fairness and developers’ interests, by achieving the following goals!

►Save time for gamers: 【Search Loot】in COC;【Auto Collect】in COK;【Block Breaker】in MCPE

►Improve gaming efficiency: 【Simulate Statues Building】in BB;【Skip FREE Building】in COK; 【Full HP】in MCPE

►Better game experience: 【Sandbox Attack】in COC;【Simulate Attack】in BB; 【Day/Night Switch】in MCPE

Forever Timely Update and Support:

We are proud to promise that mod updates within the app will be released in less than three days.We will offer fastest and full support to our users.Supported languages:Available in English (UK and US)

Dose not work?

●Cannot support X86 currently, but will do in the next update.

●You have to grant root permission to XMG in root access management tool like SuperSU before launch the mod. Then please kill the app and relaunch till it works.

Any other feedback, contact us via [email protected] Please specify your problems as detailed as possible, as instructed in the Feedback section of the official website of Xmodgames.

Дата обновления: 7 июня 2016 г.

Версия Android: 2.3 и выше.

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